Bipolar Blog: Your life, Live it!

Bipolar Blog: Your life, Live it!


Today there are many Bipolar Support Sites. Theses are helpful to sufferers as they feel they are not alone. However I find that sometimes these sites  sufferers spend to much time comparing medication firstly which does not help as each person reacts differently to meds. Secondly symptoms and hardships are compared. Even silly questions like my eyes water do yours? People become too consumed in the hardships of the illness and yes the fact that it is a so called incurable mental illness.

I would like you to step away as hard as it is and say, my illness does not define who I am, my strength does. These sites become doom and gloom and little focus on making changes to better their situation. As Dr Joe Dispenza says where attention goes your energy flows. So if you on a support group and you say to someone i find I cant get up and take a shower, the idea is that they should tell you to try instead of being on site or to encourage you as a shower makes everyone feel better. Not I feel the same I have not showered in three days.

Whether or not you believe Bipolar is curable or not, you should take time to make your life better for you. Take a walk outside, cut down on your caffeine intake. Little steps to lift the depression. Don’t give up and stay focused on your illness.  Do something every day to make life better. I am not saying that I too did not go through times where giving up would have been easier. I am saying I want you to value who you are and I want you to know you are worthy of a better life.

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