Bipolar Blog: Play Attention!

Bipolar Blog: Play Attention!

Play attention


Play attention to all you are experiencing. Notice feelings and physical pain etc. You could be suffering from headaches, stiffness in neck and shoulders or even tightness in chest.

On the emotional side you could be blaming yourself for everything. Be full of self doubt and can also be on the brink of giving up.

If you play attention and maybe journalise what’s going on, you are more able to deal with whichever part of the illness you are moving towards and you are better equipped to deal with it. Take note of the little tell tale signs and take the opportunity to visit your psychiatrist or a support group so that you can get assistance before your mood is too low or too high.

Play attention to diet, exercise, socialising, cut down on alcohol. If you are unable to take on projects or have too many. Create a balance, this way if you lacking energy that you get things done. You can even reward yourself for finishing things. If in mania try to get sleep and not go overboard be taking on too much.

Sleep is also a big indicator of how you are feeling. Watch for signs of oversleeping or not sleeping enough.

Playing attention is a sure way of looking after your health. Listen to what your body is telling you.

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