Bipolar Blog: Mental Health/ Covid-19.

Bipolar Blog: Mental Health/ Covid-19.

2020 saw the emergence of a new virus which took the world by storm. People are facing this virus that took on the world every much like the cold war. With Covid -19 came new stresses, new heights of loneliness and anxiety.

For Bipolar Sufferers coping skills for stress levels have be monitored to ensure mental health conditions don’t worsen. Checking in with family and friends would ensure that basic needs are met. On this list is emotional, mental, spiritual and physical needs play and an equal part.

One must ensure that no unnecessary risks are taken which could put unnecessary stress on mental health.

Some things to remember.

Watching too much news will have you focused on the negative. On the other hand keeping busy will fill up your day and keep your mind focused positively. Keeping up with your medication is important. Concentrate on now and as levels of lock down change see the positive side.

Vitamin D is good for Covid -19 and Bipolar so soak up some son rays. Zinc is good for Bipolar and Covid-19 so stock up. Vitamin C is also good at any time.

Remember a feeling of dread can be experienced for what will happen after Covid -19. Change your focus to the positive changes the universe has had. Our seas and nature have had time to heal. We has humans have had time to reflect what is important.

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