Bipolar Blog: Love Bipolar People

Bipolar Blog: Love Bipolar People

Let us shine a light on the beauty that Bipolar people have. They are emotionally sensitive, kind and loving. They are empaths and are drawn to healing as they understand pain. They will change your outlook on life. Teach you how to be in the present moment as it could change pretty soon. If you think they difficult to interact with, well everyone is. If you loved by a Bipolar person you will be loved harder and shown great affection. They like to tell you that they love you and like to hear it in return. Holding hands is a natural part of their affection.

They don’t only love you. Their love is shared with their pets and they are compassionate with all animals. They often feel others emotions and carry them as their own. They are intuitive and know when someone is dishonest.

They are creative and like delving into new areas when in mania. You may find many are left handed and these create, Art, poetry and become writers, sculptors. Amongst bipolar sufferers you will also find actors, dancers, and musicians.

They contribute  so much to this universe and are so needed and yet on a daily basis they are shunned. To I encourage  people to get to know Bipolar people and their plight.

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