Bipolar Blog: Is your Spouse Bipolar?

Bipolar Blog: Is your Spouse Bipolar?

 A Spouse lives a yoyo life which can be almost as traumatic as for the Bipolar Sufferer. The moods of depression & mania sometimes lead to emotional withdrawal, spending sprees, anger, anxiety and this becomes a problem for their spouse as they may have to worry about money, sexual dissatisfaction and they to can become depressed as they become hopeless and sad as their loved one battles the illness.

Bipolar can disrupt routines of any household, it can reduce social activity when the sufferer is in depression. They can also be called upon to carry more responsibility, take time off work and this can cause financial strain.

In saying this, all relationships have their own problems. Bipolar cannot be blamed for every problem in a relationship. Remember it is a mental illness a nobody ask to have Bipolar. Compassion and understanding should be given to any Bipolar sufferer as with anyone suffering and illness.

Bipolar people are a gift to this world as they are gifted and mostly empaths. Love them as a whole just as they love you. Support is needed for both Bipolar sufferer and partner. Together you can make it work,” in sickness and in health”.

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