Bipolar Blog: I am only Human after all.

Bipolar Blog: I am only Human after all.

Don’t put the blame on me.

Today I am reflecting on the past ten years. Better years for me, with living with Bipolar. It took me a long time before I found ways of improving my life living with Bipolar. I took time to find nutrients and vitamins and natural sleeping pills I gave up taking anti- depression tablets. I went for alternative treatments and lived a fairly healthy way.

After my success, I wrote a book, I have Bipolar, Bipolar isn’t me where I shared some of my experiences living with Bipolar. I am still selling books but now in the quietness I find myself a little disappointed. I am grateful for a lot of things but find myself wondering why my success was so short lived? Thus the heading, most people know that song. It plays in me head.

I often think is it to do with being Bipolar that I somehow feel unworthy of the things that normal people have in their life. A steady life, income, a circle of good friends. Should Bipolar doom you to struggle for your whole life, in spite of putting everything you have so that this will not happen. Don’t get me wrong I am full of gratitude for the life I have. Blessed with family and friends.

This is not in any way meant to discourage anyone for making there life what they want. To be honest looking around on social media people have these larger the life existence, how much is true? Remember most people don’t talk about their doubts and failures.

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