Bipolar Blog: Finding Happiness when you Bipolar.

Bipolar Blog: Finding Happiness when you Bipolar.

Finding happiness when you are Bipolar can be difficult and it can also be a symptom. Overcoming the big question, why am I Bipolar can set you on a path to finding joy in other people’s happiness. By doing this you can build your happiness from other people’s lives and this in turn will teach you how to find your own happiness.

Happiness can come from a love of animals. Cooking food while you adapt your eating to becoming healthy. Listening to music or even playing an instrument. Reading, writing, or art, is a way of getting creative and making it work for you. Growing plants and flowers allows you to draw Vitamin D from the sunlight, which is the happy vitamin that helps for depression. You could get work at a creche, the energy of the children, and their natural energy may rub of on you.

Although true happiness is a difficult emotion to obtain, it can also be a symptom in hypomania which includes feelings of euphoria. Euphoria is what everyone wishes for but can be dangerous. Mania is a stage where everything makes you happy and this can be dangerous. After mania one normally finds that you go into deep depression. The two sides of the pole make it difficult for a Bipolar person to handle. Too happy and then two sad and very little balance in between.

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