Bipolar Blog: Don’t be your worst enemy!

Bipolar Blog: Don’t be your worst enemy!


The voice in your head that never stops being your judge.

Judging yourself and others daily can be a hard habit to change. Nit-picking when you don’t feel well, is a sure way of putting yourself deeper and deeper into depression.  You will find a feeling of unworthiness soon sets in and this becomes a pattern that you fall into when your depression is at its worst. Punishing yourself in this way adds to you not wanting to socialize and form new relationships. Attempting new project or finishing existing ones, becomes a problem as trust in yourself is minimal. Sabotaging one’s own future is not the ideal situation for anybody, never mind anybody suffering from Bipolar.


During these times we really must shut out that voice in our head and build our self-confidence by taking care of “me”.  Learning compassion for yourself as a human being goes a long way in making sure that a road of self destruction is not the road chosen. Bipolar people are mostly empaths with compassion to people and animals, but rarely include themselves in their care treatment. Learn to value yourself, you are worth it, and people will learn to value you.

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