Bipolar Blog: Diagnosed Bipolar, Right or Wrong?

Bipolar Blog: Diagnosed Bipolar, Right or Wrong?

 Bipolar has become a fashionable mental health diagnoses. This means a constant flow of prescribed high schedule drugs are been given to patients with long lasting serious consequences to health.

Psychiatrists prescribe drugs and this is what they are interested in. Let’s remember this is not in all cases. For myself I chose psychiatrists who gave me the least medication. If you visit a psychiatrist you are going to walk out with some medicine. Antipsychotics fall into a category of one of the most profitable drugs. If one psychiatrist can prescribe one medication instead of ten why not?

Is mental illness becoming a fade that everyone is now been treated for? Is everyone rather that specific cases being treated for mental illness? Are psychiatrists creating their own Zombie Nation?

The effects of living life on a combination of drugs is debilitating to say the least. You can experience uncontrolled movements, feel sluggish, spacy and empty, to name a few.

The question  I need to ask is are we as a society through psychiatrists creating  zombies who depend of drugs. Should mental medical boards not hold people more responsible for drugs administered to people?

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