Bipolar Blog: Depression and Having Social life.

Bipolar Blog: Depression and Having Social life.

Bipolar depression and a good social life don’t go hand and hand. Friends and family don’t understand your illness and they also do not know how to help you to best survive social interactions.

If you have depression, you shy away from social activities as your self worth is low. Lack of sleep and medication isolates you in crowds as conversations can be hard to follow. When you are in the depression side of Bipolar, socialising can terrify you because you may suffer from anxiety as well as depression. You may also be irritable and angry. People may treat you different and ask you to many questions. People always say that  it’s not good to be with negative people and this is hard for people dealing with an illness like Bipolar.

You are not confident to begin with and other complications of the illness can be present. Lack of concentration and inability to focus are present. Bipolar sufferers may also suffer from memory loss from treatments like shock treatment. Then there is also psychosis  where hallucinations and delusions come into play. Most people have no knowledge of these problems and little understanding of what part they play in a Bipolar sufferers social life.

So the next time you calmly say get rid of negative people in your life, spare a thought for those fighting and illness they neither wanted or asked for. Understanding is key to them also having a life.

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