Bipolar Blog: Crying and Bipolar.

Bipolar Blog: Crying and Bipolar.

Bipolar depression takes its toll on one’s emotions and so crying is a common emotion to experience. Tears are there to keep eyes lubricated and it is said that you cry when you have too many tears.

Crying happens  when we have too much stress build up in our body and crying relieves the stress. Sometimes it’s better to cry to clear out our emotions.

Bipolar originates in the brain, so crying can make things worse for you if you are Bipolar. Crying comes from repressed depression and it happens when we ignore our feelings and try put them out our mind, in order to function as well as we can.

Bipolar is connected to mood swings, so it is not surprising that crying is a symptom of your Bipolar life. When you suppress that depression it is natural that tears flow and become a way of releasing pent up emotions. Unlike people who don’t have Bipolar, crying happens more frequently than we would wish for as the depression goes hand in hand with crying.

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