Bipolar Blog: Bipolar & Sleep

Bipolar Blog: Bipolar & Sleep

Sleep patterns are an integral part of a Bipolar sufferers life. Bipolar sufferers should keep regular sleeping patterns. Insomnia often suffered is ones inability to fall asleep or can be when a person is not able to get enough sleep to rest.

Hypersomnia is when one oversleeps which is like a kind of escape of the life one is living. A decreased need for sleep is also often found in cases of mania.

Daytimes sleepiness is found as well and vivid dreams are experienced with REM: Rapid eye movement. Irregular sleep patterns causes activity at night. Should drug addiction be part of Bipolar sufferers lifestyle it many disrupt sleep and bipolar symptoms can worsen,

Mania is the period that sleep is not needed and tiredness seldom felt. You may experience moodiness, depression or sick. Conversations can be hard to follow.

Ways in which to improve sleep can be the Following:

Avoid bright lights before bedtime.

Ways in which to improve sleep can be the Following.


Make use of ways to darken bedroom.

Melatonin a natural sleeping pill can be used.

Avoid used of coffee, chocolate and alcohol before sleep.

Make sure room temperature is neither to hot or too cold.

Meditations came be done to easy the mind and reduce stress.

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