Bipolar Blog: Bipolar Poem

Bipolar Blog: Bipolar Poem

My closest friend my worst enemy.
Consumes my life and never sets me free.

It’s where I find my strength, and been my weakest..

Does it define me?

When you think you strong or high in Mania.

It’s the worst place to be.

When depression controls you.

You stuck with your own mind, locked

in a place of darkness.

Where nobody can reach you.

Damned with medication, damned without.

Alone in a crowd, or just alone.

If you think you have it beat,

you so wrong.

It pops up again.

Take time to love yourself.

Fight for what you want.

Dont let it take your life,

and win.

Do what makes you happy, now

and to the end.

Wendy Taylor

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