Bipolar Blog: Bipolar Myths

Bipolar Blog: Bipolar Myths

Recognising truth from Myths.

Most people think you are just moody. In truth depression can stop you focusing of your job. May leave you unable to get out of bed. It can be the reason you drop out of college, as you cannot hold the information in your head. (this is what happened to me).

Bipolar people dont switch from Mania to Depression, it’s a gradual transition there is times of normality between.

Bipolar is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain and not by a person being negative by their own will.

When in Depression speech can be pressured and slow. In Mania fast talking and quick thinking is present.

Depression causes social withdrawal and loss of interest in life.

Mania is often said to be the preferred mood, as depression is worst to deal with.  Mania is by far the most dangerous, spending sprees, no need for sleep, racing thoughts, risk taking, God like and yes dangerous.

People are under the impression that medication is the only thing to help Bipolar people, which is false. Eating healthy and good sleeping patterns can help. Therapies like Reiki and energy healing can be of tremendous help. Omega 3 and various nutrients can assist. Exercise should be considered. Things like sugar, caffeine and carbohydrates should be monitored.

Mood Journals can be used to monitor moods. Today one can download an application like this straight to your phone.

Its thought that Bipolar only affects moods. However cognitive and physical symtoms like tapping can be found.

Not all Bipolar sufferers self medicate, and contrary to belief are not all abusive.

Bipolar people can live normal lives and 75% work successfully. I must add that they do not have to be reminded that they are Bipolar for every move they make.

Not all Bipolar had a bad childhood, stress and  abuse and genetic history are also reasons.


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