Bipolar Disorder Versus Seasonal Disorder

Bipolar Disorder Versus Seasonal Disorder

Seasonal Disorder can be experienced alone or part of Bipolar disorder. It is as it states weather related. Winter being the time of being in depression and summer time when Mania or Hypomania is experienced. Its related to the amount of sunlight. Vitamin D intake is good for both Bp (Bipolar Disorder) and SAD Seasonal Disorder.

Warning signs for SAD are mainly, feelings of hopelessness, no desire to mix socially, stress and little interest in activities.

Treatments for BP and SAD Sufferers.

Light Therapy can be used with caution.

Watch for triggers. With SAD watch the calendar and BP journaling could pick up mood swings.

Vitamin D must be taken orally and both BP and SAD need to get in the sun.

Exercise is important. Competitive sports like swimming, aid with depression. Even brisk walking can assist moods.

Routines should be adhered to so that you do not slip into depression.

Take note of foods and avoid foods such as:

Caffeine ( which is a trigger for mania), Alcohol, Sugar, Salt and Fat.

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