Bipolar Blog: There is a Path to Being Diagnosed.

Bipolar Blog: There is a Path to Being Diagnosed.

Evaluation and tests lead to diagnosis, by a qualified psychiatrist, and not a General Practitioner.

The symptoms can  be mild and not easy to diagnose but still need treatment.

Stress and fatigue can be argued as a problem and not a symptom of a deeper problem like bipolar. Depression can deepen if not treated so its not to be taken as a phase that will pass. Psychiatrists are qualified to identify and prescribe psychiatric medication as depression falls under mental illness. Before anyone gets confused, mental does not mean you crazy so you should be approached with care. Mental denotes feelings and emotions, and behaviours that can be corrected with medication. These happen when your body lacks certain chemicals. Mental Illness also does not indicate that you have no brain it actually normally indicates that you are very gifted.

Symptoms include being sad continuously, anxious or panicked. Bipolar people often feel guilt at their inability to carry out normal tasks when in depression. Unworthiness  is common. In depression which is the hardest phase of Bipolar  there is a loss of interest in life. Feelings of anger and frustration are present. Often a loss of labido,pains and aches, headaches and cramps are experienced.

Many become suicidal, not because they want to but often the pain of living this way becomes too hard to bare.

Sometimes prescribing the right medication that agrees with the person is a long a tedious procedure. Some prefer not to consume a handful of drug daily, and even others turn to street drugs to help them. Any of the ways of coping with Bipolar can be hard to live with and along with it comes the judgment of those who know nothing of the illness.  Don’t judge something you know nothing about.

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