Bipolar Blog: My Book, I have Bipolar, Bipolar isn’t me.

Bipolar Blog: My Book, I have Bipolar, Bipolar isn’t me.

My book is a window into living my life with Bipolar.

Firstly I would like to say that there was plenty I wanted to say in my book, that copyright excluded.

Secondly some readers found that the book was not “sourcey” enough, as I did not include each and every moment of my grueling battle with Bipolar.

What I wanted out of my book was to tell some of my story and  some stories of Some Bipolar friends. I wanted to be an inspiration to  whose suffering Bipolar. I wanted to share some of my ideas how to live a better life with the illness.

Many movies and many books out there talk about chasing madness, for example. We know all too well how Bipolar people are depicted and people paint a grim picture of the battle between depression and mania, as though searching for sanity.

I prefer to look at is as a searching for self acceptance and love, about becoming worthy and comfortable in the skin you have been given. It’s about living with the illness the best way that suits you. Untrue myths there will always be around and mental judgements.

Remember it is your life to live. It is said nobody get out here alive, but live life its yours alone.

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