Bipolar Blog: Gratitude daily.

Bipolar Blog: Gratitude daily.

As with anybody the power of gratitude can improve your life. Be it small things that you feel grateful for or big things. Practising gratitude on a daily basis will improve your quality of life in all ways.

Many years ago I read the book called the Secret and it made me aware of many ways to change my life. There was a story in there which I want to share today on gratitude. When waking in the morning before your feet hit the ground think of something you can be grateful for. e.g. a good night’s rest, your medication that you take etc. If you think you will forget to show gratitude take a stone and place it in your pocket and all day you find ways to be grateful. At night you take the stone out your pocket and again find things to be thankful for.

With Bipolar you mood can be so low and practising gratitude can lift your emotions. Even if you feel nothing is right you will find things to be thankful for. Getting out of bed can be difficult sometimes and then on a bigger scale life can be so hard you may feel its not worth living. Practicing gratitude will can your life completely.

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