Bipolar Blog: EST & ECT FOR BIPOLAR.

Bipolar Blog: EST & ECT FOR BIPOLAR.


These are treatments given to assist patients with Bipolar and other illnesses. With Bipolar it is used when a patient has been battling to long to come out of depression  and their medication has not helped, or the patient has not been compatible with medication.Other instances may be if the patient is expecting a child.

Some say that the treatments are inhumane, and yes I am in this category. I was diagnosed in 1978. Firstly my diagnosis took long and so be this time I was deep in depression. My parents and Drs took the decision to give me Electric Shock Treatment and I it was not discussed with me.

The treatment was successful in lifting my depression but I was left with bad migraines and little memory to talk of. The treatment induces a seizure which shocks the system out of depression. Other problems  are also found like cardiovascular and even death. Brain damage can also be experienced. This barbaric method is only a temporary cure and the safety  and efficiency of their use have not been proven.

Bipolar is a hard enough illness to cope with without going for treatments that can complicate matters. There are countries around the world who are calling for the ban of these treatments.

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