Bipolar Blog: Death by Suicide.

Bipolar Blog: Death by Suicide.

Suicide is found over a large spectrum of People. 50% of all Bipolar sufferers Die by Suicide. Research has found that serotonin is low in people who commit suicide. People who start taking depression medication are prone to suicide as the depression gets worse before it gets better.

It is a know fact that people commit suicide as the pain of living becomes too hard to bare. Pain can be depression, anxiety, feelings of unworthiness, It can be due to feeling unloved, alone etc. It can be financial insecurity, health, anxiety for future e.g : Life is filled with insecurity during Covid-19.

Most religious beliefs over a broad spectrum believe that suicide is a sin. In fact in the Christian faith the 10 commandments clearly state.” Thou shalt not kill “

The Bible also states, “Thou shall love thy neighbour” and also goes on to say “thou shall not Judge”.

I am not advocating for suicide, although I too have been in this place, where I though suicide the only way. I am just saying that we all do the best we can with what we have in life.

Lets leave the judgement to God our maker, who died for our sins.

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