Bipolar blog – Covid -19 and Bipolar.

Bipolar blog – Covid -19 and Bipolar.

Covid 19 has taken the world by storm and never before has deaths been recorded around the world since world war one and two. The illness spread fast and is past on at alarming rates. Dwelling on Problems and uncertainty of covid-19 lockdowns and increase stress and bring on depression. Unstable moods are on the forefront because of unsure future and death happens daily to family and friends

Social media covers articles daily and one has to wonder who is delivering the truth. So for Bipolar Sufferers it is sometimes better to keep social media and news to a minimum.

From a bipolar side meds should be taken as well as things like zinc vitamin c and Vitamin D should be taken. Exercise and a good diet should be followed. Keeping isolated will ensure your wellbeing. Make sure you get out in the sunlight.

Remember we all in this together and to keep positive.

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