Bipolar Blog: Bipolar to me.

Bipolar Blog: Bipolar to me.

I say it’s the cancer of the soul. Eating away at you until you feel there is nothing left.

It’s like the waves of the sea raging and dangerous or calm and still.

You can feel like a leper, as a great deal of people think if the come to near they could catch it.

It’s lonely and misunderstood and it feels that you are being punished for being ill. You know the saying that nobody whats to be around depressed people.

It can feel like you are swept up into a tornado, and had no means of getting out.

It’s like being on a  rollercoaster ride, that never stops.

We live in a special kind of hell from where there is no escape, judged by society who at large have no idea of what Bipolar is.

We live with the complications of the illness and everything we do goes under the scrutiny of everyone around us. Its an illness and every move we make is not Bipolar based for the most part we are “normal” just like anyone else, between depression and mania. Medication, moods, exercise,food and therapies play a part in our life as they do yours. We are talented artists, writers, singers and we are intelligent, yes we do have a functioning brain lol.

Don’t let the word mental stick in your brain and tell you there is something wrong with our brains. Correct treatment and style of living allows us to live a pretty normal life.

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