Bipolar Blog: Bipolar Sufferers have appetites to match their moods.

Bipolar Blog: Bipolar Sufferers have appetites to match their moods.

If you are bipolar your appetite can swing up and down as badly as your moods. One the one side you may consume everything in your path and other times you can lose your appetite completely.

A big factor in Bipolar weight gain is the medication which piles on the weight in no time at all. So added to the fact that you have little of no self worth you look at yourself with hatred as the weight piles on. This puts you between the worst of two evils. Do I choose to be healthy or fat? Who chooses to be fat, especially when advertising does its best to tell you that you can only be accepted in the world if you look like a model.

Well I am here to say you can have it all. Try different things in your diet, avoid sugar, chocolate, energy drinks, coffee in fact anything with caffeine and you will immediately reap the benefits in your weight and your depression.

Veggies and salad  is what models live on and you too can with the help of some good recipes. Cut out wheat, protein, milk and yes peanuts. What you put into your body shapes who you become. Alcohol is something we use to forget our problems but we all know that feeling of waking up realising our problem has grown a headache.

Exercise is something we all talk about, we know we need it but procrastination becomes our best friend as we look for excuses not to work out. A model figure unfortunately doesn’t come as a gift from the fairies. Lying in bed doesn’t make anyone feel better. Let’s get moving.

There is very little in life that comes without hard work. So too looking and feeling good needs dedicated work on your diet and exercise.

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