Bipolar Blog: Bipolar obstacles.

Bipolar Blog: Bipolar obstacles.

There has been many advances in treatment of Bipolar Sufferers. Many of these however do not serve as encouragement for sufferers of the illness.

People need the right diagnoses and medication and side effects from a combination of medication leads to other ways of of dealing with their illness, without a Dr present. Effects of the medication often does not allow the sufferer a good quality of life. Its for this reason that I opted for alternative ways in dealing with Bipolar. Its common for sufferers to go the street drug way and because Bipolar is a mood altering illness, this can be dangerous and sometimes fatal.

Support groups  can help as often by sharing one’s story and hearing others stories can serve as encouragement. However Drs are not in favour of these groups as a whole. Comparing meds can cause problems as what works for one does not have the same effects for someone else.

Bipolar sufferers are not informed by Drs how the medication works. This often leads to sufferer wanting to take their life. Medication like anti depressants are said to take you further into the depression before the depression lifts.

Because of the stigma of being Bipolar many try keep it a secret and this creates further complications. Like increasing stress.

My route is a hard one where most meds were dropped in favour of natural nutrients, diet change, exercise and Alternative Therapies. I also published my story,  I have Bipolar, Bipolar isn’t me, for the world to read. Its a window into living my life with Bipolar. Times are not always good but I carved a way to live with Bipolar  and  still have a life.

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