Bipolar Blog: Bipolar & Meditation.

Bipolar Blog: Bipolar & Meditation.

Bipolar has a lot to do with moods and the aim is to find ways to quieten the mind and find ways to rest the soul. I find the discipline of meditation and its ability to take away your stress and anxiety a good therapy for one. It allows you to escape to a place of tranquility and connects you with your God self, to masters,guides and to hear messages that allow you to find healing.

Meditation is a discipline that you can practise daily and allows mind control and a deep serenity can be obtained. It allows you to focus on parts of your life that need healing and it gives you the opportunity to experience spiritual growth. You are encouraged through meditation to create a special alter or space where you alone can find answers and connect with family and guides.

Meditation is like any discipline and takes a lot of practice to perfect. Once you feel its benefit you will see changes in your life as peace and tranquility is reached.

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