Bipolar Blog: Bipolar & Fatigue.

Bipolar Blog: Bipolar & Fatigue.

Fatigue is a major symptom of Bipolar. Medication plays a large part in the chronic fatigue that bipolar sufferers suffer from. This fatigue can be debilitating. Extreme tiredness and lack of energy are experienced when the is no motivation to do anything. Fatigue is normally experienced when in the depression side of Bipolar, you are physically drained.

Ways of helping you snap out of these feeling of fatigue are:

(Keep Clean), when you wake get out of bed and take a shower.

Go for a walk with your dog.

Limit coffee or cut it out altogether.

Stay Hydrated.

Don’t drink alcohol.

Avoid Medications such as cough syrup, cold medication and Allergy Medication.

Increase vitamin B12 intake by eating red meat chicken, liver, eggs and milk to name a few.

Sleep plays a part in the depression and mania side. Keeping a good and regular sleeping pattern will assist you and make sure that fatigue is handled.

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