Bipolar Blog: Bipolar and Negative thinking.

Bipolar Blog: Bipolar and Negative thinking.

Bipolar sufferers experience self doubt and negative thoughts become our hostage. Negative thinking needs to be controlled and is high on the things experienced by Bipolar Sufferers. Trying to enjoy thing to the fullest and be deserving is a must.

The worst advice to give a Bipolar person is: To relax, to get over it. There are also people who say casually, you don’t look sick or did you take your meds?

Some ways to Break Negative feelings are:

Don’t think of one failure and think that you will always fail. Who of us has never failed? Avoid negative thoughts, think of a time when you were positive about the future and hold on to that positive feeling. Avoid generalising like nobody loves me. Words you can red flag are, always, never, nobody, everybody as they form part of generalizing.

Positive affirmations is a great way of reaching your goals. Try one today.

“Today I will have a great day and positivity will be the way.”

There are many ways of assisting you in changing negative to positive, you need to choose which suits you.

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