Bipolar Blog: Beauty Sleep.

Bipolar Blog: Beauty Sleep.

Sufficient sleep is known as on of the major physical necessities of maintaining good health.

A scare I had shortly of insomnia reminded me of just how important sleep is. Sleep is a very important part of the life of any Bipolar Sufferer and moods can be judged by how much of how little sleep you are getting. When Manic or hypo manic, no or little sleep is needed for long periods of time. When depressed often people sleep too much as a form of escape going without sleep can put you at risk of becoming manic or hypo manic.

Things that may assist you in getting a good nights sleep are the following:

Dim the lights to assist in falling asleep. Exercise during the daytime. Limit coffee, alcohol and cigarettes before bedtime. Lavender essential drops on your pillow brings on relaxation. Melanin a natural sleep aid can be used for sleep. Nutmeg I recently heard helps treat insomnia, is taken in a glass of milk. Warm mild and honey is also used. A hot Epsom salts bath is also suggested.

Making sure you get your beauty sleep literally means it makes you beautiful inside and out. Caring for your health by sleeping when you should is important. That gut feeling that guides us is no mistake. Listen to what your body is telling you to do.

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